In-Class Driving and In-Car Driving Instructor in Brampton, Ontario


Where Experience Meets The Road

Start your Driving Career with our adaptable and comprehensive Program

We thank you for considering Carlton's Driving School to be a part of your Driving Career. We have proudly been a part of making Brampton's roads safer since 1988. Our school’s mission is to provide students with an exceptional driver-training program that surpasses other driver training programs in Ontario, as well as the necessary knowledge and skills to drive safely in today's fast-paced driving environment. Our program consists of 20 hours of in-class, 10 hours of On-Line Learning and 10 hours of in-car instruction. Our course focuses on the defensive driving skills and strategies needed to drive accordingly and confidently in all situations. Students are issued an insurance discount certificate upon the successful completion of their road test.

We Take the Necessary Time with Each Student

Instructor/Owner: Carlton Ramdeen has been a in-class and in-car instructor for novice drivers for 30 + years. Whether you’re a young adult learning how to drive for the first time or are just brushing up on our driving skills, you can rely upon Carlton’s many years of experience, extensive industry knowledge, and enduring patience to provide an enjoyable experience. With over 9,500 licensed students to his credit, Carlton invests the necessary time with each student to ensure success.